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Website Revisited.


Hi all!

It has been awhile since I updated this website. I have to apologize for that. When I created this website last year (2005), a blog portion was included which I wasn’t able to really write until now.

Anyway, I had 3 objectives in mind:

Launch a website – for the sake of launching a website. I just finished a few courses in Web Design and this would prove my ability in applying the skills learned from the course.

Posting a Family Website – This would keep our family and friends updated on what’s happening.

Business – Well this is business on the side and making some more websites. (Welcome our first client = www.alladin-lamps.com)

While I was able to accomplish my goals in starting it, maintaining the above items is another story. It really all boils down to time – which seems to be in a very short supply. A local newspaper ran an article on how an average working Canadian would count his day - 47 + hours. (Whew).

Anyway, going back to this website and blog, I’ll try to make the updates more frequent and improve the site. The Blog would be my space and you’ll read my comments, thoughts, rants, etc. :b And if you want your say posted, email me at www.andydycom.com@gmail.com and I’ll post this – sans profanity and other unprintable language.