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Happy New Year!


Hi all!

Happy New Year everybody. And what a way to start the year. On my way to work - I got a wake-up call when the van I was driving skidded and did a 360 degrees! They say what I hit was called "Black Ice". The Guy up there must have kept watch as no injuries (my wife - Cindy was with me), crash, nor damage to the van happened. Whew!

Anyway, some exciting things already got underway starting late last year. Most of these are evidently showing on this website. (The website has more content and being updated regularly now - yehey - and better looking too, compared to the initial postings). A factor to this is a career change - going from computer hardware / networking to software. I never imagined myself being stuck on a computer screen scrolling thru codes and databases but, that's what I'm doing now. I guess its also a blessing in disguise since that's the direction i'm trying to take. I'm hoping to pursue the internet business side. :)

More Websites! This would probably be my New Year's target. While this website is my - let's say - amateur product, and the www.alladin-lamps.com is a team effort, check out the following sites as my first entry to the Pro-league :D

- www.ryerson.ca/economics/
- www.ryerson.ca/criminaljustice/

Okay, I guess, that's enough of the websites. Another item I would like to mention is on the family side, there were two additions! First, my sister Bing gave birth to a baby girl (Thea) and my other sister Dodit got married! Welcome to the Dy family Thea and Harry!

I also stumbled upon some websites of my high school classmates and batchmates. Check out www.DCHS84.net. Man, looking at those high school pictures really brought on a lot of memories. Here I found out that its almost our turn to sponsor the 25th Alumni Homecoming! Yikes. Another wake-up call there (am I that old? :) ).

Well, Its about time to wrap-up. While the above entry would probably be considered as a year in review, we can only hope and pray that this new year would be a better one.

Happy New Year to all of us!