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Happy Valentines !


Happy Valentines and Happy Chinese New Year !

Its late February now and it finally snowed. Perfect ambiance for writing this blog. :)

I was wondering what to write on this space when the thought came from listening to the radio on my way home from class. I was driving late in the evening and stumbled to this radio station where the lady DJ was playing songs based on the listener's calls or mails, describing their situation.

One listener called to say he and his wife had an argument and the guy was really sorry and asked the DJ to play something for them. Well the DJ played Boyz 2 Men's - "Down on Bended knees". And this really got to me, another listener called .. this time a lady who's married to a handicapped person for about 15 years - requested something like = "I love you just the way you are". Wow.

Anyway, instead of writing something nonesense, I've attached a song here for my wife and daughter. (They both love this song.) I know its kinda cheezy but I guess this is one occasion when you are allowed to be one - hehe. Anyway, I dont have to say a lot and just let the song do the talking for you. (It may take some time to download)

Happy Valentines Sweetheart and my little Princess!