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Death and Taxes

MAY 2007

It was said that the only constant in this world is change and the items that are not changing or for certain are Death and Taxes.

It surely took some time for me to update this site as the delay has somehow got to do with the above items.

First of all, I didn't mean the "death" portion to mean as bad as it sounds. Nobody died within my circle of family or friends (knock on wood). But what I am killing is this current format of the website. I am now working on version 2 of this site and hopefully I can launch this within 2-3 weeks.

I am basically a hardware/networking person and was initially concerned more on the setting up of the site, rather than the content. However, if I am going to make this work and be involved professionally, then I need some upgrading.

Ok. So after taking several courses and some practice, watch out for ver2.

The other item that kept me busy is the tax portion. Aaaargh. Every year, tax preparation has been the bane of my life this time of year (March-April). Receipts, accountants, deadlines, &@!#% ... Hey, no offence meant to the accountants - but its the pressure of making sure the books are in order.

Whew! Just had to let go of some steam there. As I said in my previous blog, this is also my rant page.Anyway, I'm back and everything is fine and dandy and hopefully updates again would be more frequent.