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Batmobile: The Tumbler

Batman: Batman Begins

Just as I was having doubts in continuing to collect these diecast cars as it seems very rare to find them in toy stores, these 2 Batmobiles from Batman Begins showed up - one in the standard Batman black and the other in camo. These two cars came in 1:64 scale which is the same size as your typical matchbox/hotwheels cars.

What's good about collecting these type of cars, of course, is the price. On a good sale day, you'll get this for about a dollar. Not bad for starting a hobby. A week later though, I saw the bigger models come out and they are really nice. They have nice prices also. A 1:18 scale (size of a shoebox with the car same size as a size 10 shoe) is averaging C$60 to C$70 here. I'm satisfied with my matchbox sized cars thank you. :) (Im also content in keeping my side of the bed) ;D

The Tumbler is Batman's Batmobile in the movie = Batman Begins. This featured Christian Bale (The Prestige, The Machinist, Equilibrium) as Batman. I'd probably give the movie 3 stars out of five, but the car I would give a five. A good read about this car can be found at: www.howstuffworks.com/batmobile.htm.

Actual Batmobile


Images from the movie:



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