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DeLorean DMC-12

Back to the Future I

Ah. The first car in my collection. I dont know what got me started to this hobby, I guess its the 'toys for the big boys' syndrome, except I cannot really afford to buy those 'expensive' toys. Perhaps its also to have that bragging right of owning a fleet of cars - toy cars that is. Its nice to say "I own a Jaguar or BMW" - scaled down to 1/64.

Anyway, what I got was a 1/24 model from the first Back to the Future movie. There are 3 versions of the car corresponding to the 3 movies - Back to Future 1,2, & 3. As I said, i got the first version and lets just say that the other 2 versions are on my wishlist. But seeing the car on the shelf really caught my eye and this was what got me started.

Upon, checking the other cars on toys stores and doing research on the internet, one advice I absorbed and would want to share is - Stick To A Single Theme. I saw one website that has Jeep as his main theme and another one all Mercedes-Benz. Really neat. Me - I decided on TV and Movie cars. Check out this website - www.hollywood-diecast.com ( I was thinking that there would only be a few that would be interested in collecting these kind of cars, boy, was I ever wrong.) When I saw the collections of the others out there, man, I felt like an ant. The second car that I got was a bummer too (that's a different story....). And looking for hollywood cars is no easy task either. But it does makes you look forward to something.

Let me end this article here and I'll tell you what happened with the next car next time.


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