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Toyota "Sprinter" AE86 Trueno

Initial - D (Tau Man Ji - D)

Hey, look what I got for Christmas! :) I was about to write on the other cars I found when the Holidays came and I got this. So I just got to insert this article in. I have tried to scout this car in probably all the toy stores in my area but it’s out of stock. Remember when I mentioned I would not want to order any diecast cars online again? Well, my brother-in-law did and he and his family gave this to me as my Christmas gift! Yehey!

So, which movie did this car come from? Check out Initial-D the Movie. Based on the Manga comic and animated series with the same title, the movie is a live-action one. The main character Takumi Fujiwara played by Jay Chou drove the AE86. I would probably say that this movie started the “drifting” craze. Other films tried to follow suit with “drifting” as their theme - such as “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”.

There are a lot of items that can be covered about the movie and the car but all I can probably say is grab it when you’re in a video or movie-rental store. Don’t forget to set the Language mode of your DVD player to English as the movie is originally dubbed in Chinese. Some of you might find it a bit melodramatic but the car race action scenes are great.

By the way, the diecast model I got was a 1:24 scale. The writing on the side of the vehicle is in Japanese and its saying Fujiwara Tofu Shop/Factory. This was supposed to be a vehicle for delivering tofu to customers. Also known as Corolla or Sprinter Trueno, the AE86 is almost identical to the Toyota Levin except for the headlights. The AE86 has pop-up lights.

I’ll be hunting for the other Initial-D cars and I’ll print this as soon as I get one! ‘Till next time.

* Tak - manga and live-action movie version


Image from the movie:




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